School Year Calendar

We follow Garland ISD as closely as possible for our programming, however we take very few holidays (See attached). Should we experience inclement weather, we close if Garland ISD closes. Blue Ivey School closings will also be noted on WFAA, Channel 8.

Blue Ivey 2019-20 Calendar

Home School Connections

You can view the Home Connections calendar here every month. This will let you know what is going on in your child’s class from day to day at Blue Ivey School. Click on the link below for your child’s class.







What’s new isn’t tried and true

As we welcome the New Year, we often think about the things we can change and make new. At Blue Ivey School, while we welcome a fresh start, we remain focused on all the wonderful things in the past that have brought us where we are today. That means educating your children through experiences and discovery. We firmly believe that old-fashioned experiences like crawling around on the floor playing with blocks and trains, playing dress-up and make-believe, finger-painting and playing in the sand are the way children learn and learn best. We remain committed to providing your child with a safe, nurturing environment where they can grow and explore. In this way, we are excited to prepare them for all the wonderful new years that lie ahead.

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