Blue Ivey Small-JBLarson-108Dear Parents of Potential Kindergartners,

I would like to take a moment of time to tell you why we chose to send our son to Kindergarten at Blue Ivy School. We had been attending Blue Ivey and was very happy with our son’s progress for a couple of years prior to Kindergarten. We strongly believe in the old saying of “Everything I know I learned in Kindergarten.” Since kindergarten is the foundation for the rest of life we wanted to ensure that our son has the best possible start to his education. We considered two main factors when making our decision:

1. We observed Mrs. Charleton and loved how she was able to work with each child based on their needs due to the low child to teacher ratio.

2. We also considered the cost of public school vs private kindergarten. We would need after school care since we are both working parents. We felt the cost difference was minimal after carefully evaluating of the cost of private kindergarten vs the cost of before and after school care, plus lunch money and plus cost of childcare on the days school is not in session.

Now that we are more than halfway through the school year, we are really pleased that we made the decision to keep him at Blue Ivy for kindergarten. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Karon T.

As a parent of two children who have attended Blue Ivey School from Preschool 2 through Private Kindergarten, it is my privilege to recommend this excellent school and its programs to you and your children.

For over 10 years, Blue Ivey has welcomed me and my family into their wonderful school. Never was there a day when they did not want to go to school. They always looked forward to being there. The bond we have formed together with Blue Ivey will be in place long after my children have grown up.

The Blue Ivey Staff and its philosophy have helped my children develop qualities which will positively impact them all of their lives. Through their exceptional Kindergarten Program with superb teaching and individual attention, children learn the value of education, high ideals and sound integrity.

Truly, I believe that my entire family has benefited from the time we have spent at Blue Ivey School. Children who attend Blue Ivey are definitely given a head start in life so that they can have the very best future along with wonderful memories.

Cathy R.

Dear fellow parent,

I am writing this letter to personally recommend Blue Ivey School for your child. Blue Ivey is near and dear to my family as I have two daughters that have been with Blue Ivey since they were 3 years old. Blue Ivey was highly recommended to us by a fellow co-worker when I was looking to find a place for our first born. It had to be perfect… this was going to be the first time she would not be at home! I was .a nervous wreck, but Blue Ivey has far exceeded our expectations every day since. When it was time to decide on kindergarten we knew that Blue Ivey was THE ONLY place for her to be.

You probably have already experienced the intimate family atmosphere at Blue lvev. But the fact that they already knew her and loved her was only part of it. We loved the small class size. Liz was able to receive lots of one on one attention not normally available in an average Kindergarten class. We give Mrs. Charleton all of the credit for the fact that she was reading at a 2nd grade level in Kindergarten. Mrs. Charleton and the staff go above and beyond to ensure that each milestone is mastered. When Liz entered the 1st grade at public school, we knew that she was prepared and she adapted easily. We were so thrilled with Liz’s Kindergarten experience that we now have our second daughter attending Blue Ivey Kindergarten.

Equally important to us were all of the “extras” available to our girls like the monthly field trips, swimming, dance, computer class, lock-ins, etc! There are so many things that Blue Ivey provides to enrich the Kindergarten experience and instill an early love for school in our children.

Their dedication to making sure that our girls are not only cared for, but that their educational needs are met made it an easy decision for us to keep them at Blue Ivey for Kindergarten. At a time when we want to make sure that we are spending wisely we knew that Blue Ivey was an investment in our children’s future.

Amy A.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am so thankful to have an opportunity to write a letter like this. Our children are the most precious people in my husband and my lives, little did we know about the true gem we had so close to home… Blue lvey School.

My oldest child started at Blue Ivey about 2 X years ago. She has gone through their preschool and Pre-K programs and is now attending Kindergarten there. The education and nurturing she has received made it an easy choice, hands down, to let her continue through Kindergarten at Blue Ivey. Ms. Charlton is an AMAZING teacher! She has an exceptional talent of connecting with her students. She not only provides solid academics, but also a strong feeling of self worth and genuine respect for others. My daughter comes home daily and is full of information she has learned for the day. Iam amazed at what she has learned and continues to learn this year journal writing, state capitols, US presidents, current events, money and the math – WOW! My daughter can add, subtract and has most recently started learning fractions.

I am confident that when my daughter moves on to her new school she will excel both academically and socially. She could not have had a better foundation to prepare her for the many years of school ahead of her .

My youngest child is in preschool now at Blue Ivey and I am looking forward to his years to come at the school.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email if you would like to ask me anything about the school, I am happy to provide personal feedback. I highly recommend the Blue Ivey Kindergarten program.

Amanda P.
Blue Ivey Parent

Dear Prospective Blue Ivey Parents,

One of the best decisions we made as parents was to enroll BOTH our boys at Blue Ivey’s Private Kindergarten program. We can’t praise Mrs. Charlton enough! Both my boys love her and the foundation she laid for them as helped set a solid path for them.

My oldest son, Anson, is a late baby …born in September. I enrolled him at Blue Ivey’s Private Kindergarten when he was 5 (not eligible for Kindergarten at a public school). He repeated Kindergarten twice because of his birthday. I can clearly see the difference between the education provided at Blue Ivey and public school. He has learned so much and even now, as a 2nd grader, he still remembers what he learned under Mrs. Charlton’ teaching.

When my second son was ready for Kindergarten, we thought he needed extra care and required additional “one-on-one” time, so we enrolled him at Blue Ivey with Mrs. Charlton despite the financial hardship due to the state of our economy. It was the BEST decision we made for him! It took us months and months to teach him to write his name, but within 2 weeks under Mrs. Charlton’s care, he wrote his name legibly. There is so much we can praise about Mrs. Charlton, it is endless … we love her and the boys ADORE her!

Proud Parents of Blue Ivey,
Maggie C.