Get ready for some adventure!

Check out our Summer Explorers calendar here.

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Mark your calendar

Come and tour our school. Click read more for more information.

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Mark your calendars

Two exciting Valentine’s Day events — class parties and our annual lock-in. Check out the flyers below.

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An Out of This World Adventure

There’s still time to register for Summer Explorers camp. Here’s what we have in store this summer!

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Finding a routine

Can you never seem to find the school menu or calendar when you need them? They are posted on the Blue Ivey School website under current events at the beginning of each month. Life with little ones can be hectic to say the least. Click here for ideas on how to help your toddler establish […]

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Round ’em up!

So you blinked and suddenly your child is ready for kindergarten! Come visit Blue Ivey School for our Kindergarten Round Up this Thursday, Feb. 20, at 6:15 p.m. We’d love to tell you what makes our kindergarten a great choice for your child, including our small teacher-to-student ratios and individualized attention. Click here to learn more about […]

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Giving thanks

At Blue Ivey School, we are thankful for the opportunity to teach your children each day. We surveyed our staff to find out what tops their thankful list this season.

Ms. Hamilton, Director: friends, family and Starbucks

Ms. Christi, Preschool 2: my job, my family

Mr. Lance, Cook: life and its many challenges and blessings

Remember, Blue Ivey School […]

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Teaching gratitude

As we move through the month of November, it’s time to reflect on all we have. Teaching children an attitude of gratitude doesn’t just make them nicer people, it also helps reduce stress levels, increase empathy and can even make them more successful later in life. Read here to find out the important ways giving […]

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Fighting hunger

Many of us our lucky to never know what it means to be truly hungry. Unfortunately, more than 37 million people struggle with hunger in the United States, including more than 11 million children, according to FeedingAmerica.org. During this season of thanks, Blue Ivey School invites you to join us in feeding our local community. You drop […]

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More trick than treat

We’ve all suffered with poor Charlie Brown, watching him get a bag full of rocks on It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, but let’s face it, some of us would rather eat rocks than some of those things that ended up in our treat bags. Our staff weighed in on their least favorite sugary treats. […]

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