Educational Philosophy
You will find no worksheets in our classrooms — we want children to construct their work through their own imaginations. Children learn by doing — by exploring, let’s face it, by getting dirty! We are here to guide them as they learn through the experiences and materials we prepare for them each day. We want each child in our care to be the best that he or she can be, and we are here to guide them and foster a lifelong love of learning and adventure.


Facilities & Programs

Blue Ivey preschool offers an experienced staff, private kindergarten and an excellent age-appropriate curriculum in all our classrooms. Our facilities are first-rate with each classroom having a private restroom. Children enjoy our large breezeway for indoor play and custom private playgrounds designed for different ages for outside play.

As a service to our parents, we offer a valet service where we welcome your children at the beginning of the day and return them to you with enthusiasm at the end.


In addition to our outstanding preschool curriculum, children in Preschool 2 and older enjoy weekly Music and Spanish classes. Blue Ivey also offers a variety of additional parent pay options for children to enjoy during their day such as computer classes, dance, TOTs and Stretch ‘n Grow.


Value of Early Childhood Education

Children who attend a quality preschool reap long-term benefits in every aspect of life. Studies have shown these children to be more successful in developing social and interpersonal relationships and even have a higher success rate in marriage. According to the National Institute for Early Education Research attending a full-day preschool program resulted in better outcomes in mathematics and literacy tests through the end of first grade. Studies have put the financial benefit of an early childhood education at anywhere from $8 to $17 for every dollar invested.