Blue Ivey Small-JBLarson-66Words, words, words! Toddlers are just sponges for everything they hear so we work to surround them with lots to see, hear and say! Each week we will explore a theme using all of our senses – touch, sight, sound, smell, and yes, even taste. Music and movement, sign language and art exploration round out our day. And what would preschool be without getting messy? There’s plenty of finger-paint, sand, water play and sensory stations to activate our children’s developing senses. Included in weekly tuition are music and sign language classes.

Preschool 2

Blue Ivey Small-JBLarson-61
Two year-olds are full of curiosity and wonder. Our preschoolers dig into learning as teachers help bring their ideas to life. What do two-year-olds want to know about bugs? Certainly they’ll want to hop like a grasshopper, chirp like a cricket and tunnel like an ant. Hands-on, active play and participation is how children learn best in our active, creative preschool classrooms. It’s also how we help children develop their imaginations, gross and fine motor skills and love of learning. Included in weekly tuition are Spanish, music and sign language classes.

Preschool 3

Blue Ivey Small-JBLarson-46Preschoolers love to hear, tell and act out stories. We foster that love for the spoken and written word through our literature-based DLM/McGraw Hill Curriculum. Daily art activities prepare children for those schoolhouse basics: writing, cutting, drawing, and letter recognition. Children are exposed to ideas through group settings and then are allowed to explore those concepts through self-selected play and hands-on exploration. These classes are open to children who have turned 3 by September 1st. Included in weekly tuition are Spanish and music classes.


Blue Ivey Small-JBLarson-109Pre-kindergarten is such an exciting time in a child’s life! So much learning and exploring to do while still having the opportunity to be a child. Kindergarten readiness is our watchword for these students. We prepare them in an environment filled with wonder and self-discovery. Children learn the mechanics of upper and lower case letters as well letter sounds and begin to understand that letters make words, words sentences, sentences stories. They will begin to write stories in a collaborative setting as well as in individual journals. Hands on art, math and science exploration relate to the story of the day and theme of the week. Included in weekly tuition are Spanish and music classes.